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First blog post......EVER!

May 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So what is a blog anyway? Based on my sophisticated research....a.k.a. Google search of the word Blog, it is an abbreviation of the word Weblog. Google also says it serves as an online journal to capture ones thoughts, experiences etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah.  Journaling has never really been my thing but I don't want to launch my new website with a blog "feature" page with no thoughts at here we go. (I ask your forgiveness in advance related to any & all posts w.r.t. errors in spelling, grammar or sentence structure. That's not my thing either). 

It has been 12 months since I officially retired from my career after 31 years with the same company. It has proven to be a very good decision. For me and my family. Life is easier for all concerned. I do recognize that I have it the easiest but can see that the whole family are reaping benefits in their own way.  I went out on a high note as I really enjoyed what I was doing in my last position.  It was a role that let me tap into my creative side and I found myself looking forward to the challenges and very satisfied with my results. So when I stopped working I wanted to keep that creative side of me going and I decided that photography may be the answer. I enrolled in a "get to know your camera" class followed by a more in depth "intro to photography" class. Then I joined Instagram, and mustered up the courage to post my "art" for all to see. I set a personal challenge to post a picture every day so I would continue to get to know my camera and keep learning about what makes a good photo. I have had several of my photo's featured as a photo of the day on sites I follow.  Just the encouragement I needed! I try to take my camera with me everywhere within reason. You never know when a good shot will present itself plus I love it and I'm always learning.

 Once I decided I knew enough to take a decent photo I looked into the possibility of volunteering as a photographer at our local Humane Society.  I was surprised to see that I wasn't able to attend the mandatory shelter training for  3 months. This was also a comfort as it gave me 3 more months to keep practicing. My training was completed in 4 sessions spread over a month. I was nervous during my shadow session with the experienced volunteer photographer wondering if any of my shots would be useable. And even more nervous my first solo session where I was handling the dogs by myself. I have been volunteering since February & go every week on Tuesdays schedule permitting. Every week I am able to see improvement in my skills in both photography & dog handling! I take a ton of dog photo's every week and submit the 3 best ones of each dog (sometimes cat) to be uploaded to their site. The volume of photo's I have accumulated through this volunteer activity is the main reason for establishing this website. I would love to share them with you  -- If you are interested check out my Shelter Photography gallery.

Contact me to schedule a session! I can't wait to meet you and your furry best friend!


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