DogShotz Photography | Project52/Week4/"Different Perspective"

Project52/Week4/"Different Perspective"

January 27, 2017  •  7 Comments


Indianapolis IN 



Week 4

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Different Perspective"


Each week a group of professional pet photographers band together & challenge themselves to create new images based on a common theme. These images are then shared in each photographers blog (on Fridays). A "blog circle." is formed as each photographer links to another member's blog at the bottom of their post. If you love looking at beautiful pet photographs be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the link to take you to the next very talented photographer. Keep going until you land back here and you will have come full circle!



Our theme this week explores the different perspectives with which you can capture your subject. There really is a varied assortment of ways in which you can do this with animals! 

  • From above - this is the view most pet owners enjoy on a daily basis.
  • From below -  This view can be used to emphasize the surroundings, like a cityscape or be blurred to create soft background that provides a lovely contrast to the dog/cat/bird/etc.
  • At the animals eye level - My favorite!
  • Shoot wide, shoot up close, shoot far away, use reflections or get the point :)

Not to harp on about the weather every week but it was 60 deg F this weekend!  With the lovely spring like weather we had no excuse but to venture outside for part of this challenge. Bruiser and I took off to one of our nearby parks and snapped away. I made that sound much easier than it actually was... It's not obvious in these images but Bruiser gets freaked out so easily with new experiences. He is my perfect indoor model but a bit of a disaster when we get in the car & all he can think about is are we going to the vet?!  To help him overcome this he will be my "go to" dog for photo walks this year. Win-win for both of us! Here are a few different perspectives with my nervous boy from that warm day.

The great thing about this week's theme is that the options are endless.... so here are a few more of the boys just hanging out with me.



Thanks for joining me again this week! Now, please head over to Pavlina Sanborn Photography, servicing the SouthWest Florida Area, for another "different perspective" in our blog circle!


Until next week,


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Lisa Browning(non-registered)
These are so beautiful! I was scrolling through and they started out lovely and kept getting better - that one in the dog bed of the pup looking back is wonderful. So is the reflection on the floor in the last one! Fabulous work.
Linda, these images are all beautiful! My "favorites" are the 1st (gorgeous light!) and the 2nd to last with the bokeh lights. Love your post!
I agree with Rochelle. Every single shot is gorgeous. My favorite is the floor shot of the fluff ball! :) Great examples!
Every single one of these shots is gorgeous!
Kathie Ono(non-registered)
Very sweet photos and very sweet dogs.
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