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Indianapolis IN






Week 45

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Sun Flare"

This is a blog circle!

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I LOVE sun flares! I admit it. From the tack sharp starbursts to the soft colorful dreamy orbs of light floating in the frame.

In my early days I read that lens flare caused by light entering the lens and hitting the sensor was seen as a technical error and could cause damage to the camera so I tried to avoid it. But over the years I have found myself gravitating to a light filled softer style and will actively seek out sun flares as I think they add warmth and interest. I was hoping to catch some sun flares while at the shelter this week but the skies weren't really cooperating. This one with Arnold is the only one I got as the sun made a very brief appearance.


These next 2 images were taken during shoots for a calendar project I worked on this summer with Indy Humane. Both images were shot with a really small aperture to get the starburst. The opening of the lens to the sensor is closed down so small that when the light hits the inside of the lens it bends around the blades of the shutter and creates this effect. Both of these images were taken just for fun to play around with possible lens flare. In both cases I had an assistant bouncing light back onto the dog with a reflector.

Sunset with Kate

Sunrise with Tonks

Next in the circle is Kim with BARKography at a dog photography retreat in southern California.

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These are gorgeous - especially the last two!
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
I love the last image!
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