DogShotz Photography | Project52/Week5/"Before and After "

Project52/Week5/"Before and After "

February 03, 2017  •  14 Comments

Indianapolis IN 



Week 5

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Before and After"


Each week a group of professional pet photographers band together & challenge themselves to create new images based on a common theme. These images are then shared in each photographers blog (on Fridays). A "blog circle." is formed as each photographer links to another member's blog at the bottom of their post. If you love looking at beautiful pet photographs be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the link to take you to the next very talented photographer. Keep going until you land back here and you will have come full circle!



Our theme this week takes a look at what goes into our work as seen through a before and after. If you are traveling around the blog circle and I recommend that you do, you may see pull-back shots showing you the shooting set up of a scene or a comparison of a sooc (straight out of camera) image compared to the final edited image. Either way if you are into photography it is always interesting to see the behind the scenes!

I was back at the shelter this week after being absent the past 2 weeks while I had some projects done around the house. So.... I thought that my shelter dog images would be perfect for this weeks theme! 

Here are a couple of beautiful souls I met this week! The "before" is the dog's intake photo taken by shelter staff, (probably on an iPhone or mobile phone). The intake photo is used unless one of the volunteer photographers provides an alternate. We have 3 volunteers with varied schedules and many animals to shoot so it is next to impossible to get to them all, but we really try! And you can probably see why it is important based on these comparisons.

The first images are of Zara. She was such a character and a complete doll! Check out her silly smile!

Shelter Photo/SOOC/Final Edit

ZARA - 4+ years, Cur, Black-Mouth/Mix
















Followed by Sergio a sweet sensitive little bit!

SERGIO - 8+ years old, Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix
















I perform basic digital edits in Adobe Lightroom (lower highlights, lift shadow, add a touch of vibrance etc.) then pop it into Photoshop and remove the leash & any eye boogers or distractions, followed by brightening the eyes (b/c the eyes make it!) and then just adjust color/white balance to my taste. 

Here are a few more "after" images of some of this weeks truly lovable shelter pups for your enjoyment! Bruno was such a good sport - I bet you can guess who he is!




















































I hope you enjoyed looking behind the curtain this week!  I think the images we create as shelter photographers make a huge difference for these very worthy adoptables and its a bonus for me because I love the LOVE they give me every week :)

For more before and after scenarios head over to Jodi Pholi of Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia

Until next week,



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Beautiful. There's nothing more rewarding than helping these sweet shelter animals out.
Well done! I think it's so important for shelter pets to have a great photo it makes such a huge difference in their adoption rate. I think it's easier for adopters to see that particular dog in their home. They look fantastic.
LOVE seeing these images! Wonderful work and thank you so much for helping these pups find their forever homes! Stunning images that capture the soul. How cute are those little hats with ears?! Seeing Zara's and Sergio's before pics - amazing the difference!
Rochelle Marshall(non-registered)
What fabulous photos! Yay for people such as yourself who do work like this!
Judy Babinski(non-registered)
Great job. I also photograph shelter pups and it is immensely gratifying. Thanks!
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