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Indianapolis, IN


Week 9

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Doorways"


Each week a group of professional pet photographers band together & challenge themselves to create new images based on a common theme. These images are then shared in each photographers blog (on Fridays). A "blog circle." is formed as each photographer links to another member's blog at the bottom of their post. If you love looking at beautiful pet photographs be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the link to take you to the next very talented photographer. Keep going until you land back here and you will have come full circle!


For this weeks theme we were encouraged to have some fun and explore our neighborhoods in search of  "doorways" or openings of any kind that could be used to provide an interesting frame for our subjects. I have to admit that I did not take advantage of the beautiful 70 degree February weather on the weekend. Instead I procrastinated until the temp.'s had dropped to a lovely 22 degrees. I noticed an old roadhouse style restaurant that had gone out of business. I was drawn to the combination of pealing paint, rustic brick, the color red, glass block and dilapidated benches. Plus all together it was a cold hue for a cold day so I was feeling it! I definitely had a few challenges 1) I was working solo so it wasn't easy to "frame" Teddy, 2) it was mid afternoon and the sun was darting in and out behind big beautiful clouds casting shadows where I didn't want them when he was finally in position, and lastly 3) Teddy is such a small fry!! You'll see what I mean when you get to location #2 - lol!

"Who are those people over there? Do you think they might rub my belly?"

"I can see my shadow!" (yes, its distracting...)

We moved on to a second location that I have wanted to try for some time because the door is spectacular! It did live up to my expectations, with the clouds reflecting so beautifully in the window.... but Teddy is still just a small fry and in this case unfortunately it completely overwhelms him as I knew it would. You can see how a cropped version of this more to scale with Teddy's size would be somewhat underwhelming after this...I needed to include the entire spectacular sight. I thought about blowing Teddy up in PS  - haha, I mean enlarging his image of course not actually blowing him up - and doing one of those giant dog images but it was just a passing thought, who has the time for that?! On the plus side, this week has confirmed for me that it would make a great backdrop behind say....a Great Dane! 

"good things come in small packages " or "hahahahaha, he's so small"

I photograph mostly shelter dogs and in the past I have used an old porch area on rainy days to stay out of the elements. I am going to be more thoughtful in the future and see if I can use the porch surround to frame the dog. I really love how participating in this blog circle pushes me to think differently! Any words of wisdom on using door frames effectively with little bitty dogs is more than welcome. It would have been cool to try to open the door...and have Teddy peaking out. While I did ask permission to take a couple of photos there, I was too afraid to open the door! The fella I asked recognized me from the tv spot that aired the previous evening  - it was a completely surreal experience! If you haven't seen it check out my FB page  - I have been tagged by lots of people!

Next up in the blog circle is Darlene with Pant the Town Pet Photography serving MA and NH  Keep going until you end up back here!


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LOVE this Linda!!! Red is a great color for Teddy :) That last door is awesome and I do love the perspective! Looks like you had a fun little adventure!
Wow love all these doors but that last one is just amazing
Rochelle Marshall(non-registered)
Both are lovely! But that second door is just magic!
Love the defunct restaurant door. The red is wonderful and certainly makes Teddy pop!
That 2nd door...WOW!!!
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