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June 23, 2017  •  3 Comments

Indianapolis, IN



Week 25

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Soft"


Each week a group of professional pet photographers band together & challenge themselves to create new images based on a common theme. These images are then shared in each photographers blog (on Fridays). A "blog circle." is formed as each photographer links to another member's blog at the bottom of their post. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the link to take you to the next very talented photographer. Keep going until you land back here and you will have come full circle!


I haven't been able to participate for one reason or another (LIFE!!) since week 17. How is it week 25 already? Thats 2 months!! I don't know where the time went but I am happy to be back :)

This weeks theme is "SOFT" and I had so much fun with it.

The image below was taken on our walk this morning, shot with my 50mm prime lens at f/1.4.  (Wide open!) The depth of field here combined with the morning light resulted in the dreamy soft effect I was looking for.


I also experimented indoors with my 85mm prime lens using its widest aperture: f/1.8


His reflection on the wood floor combined with the shallow depth of field also has an ethereal soft quality to it. 

The last image I will share was taken at the shelter earlier this week. This is "BUB" a 1 year old pittie mix game for anything! It was a bright blue sky kind of day and we took to the trails to escape the harsh light. Here I actually positioned a yellow flowering weed of some kind between myself and Bub which provided the soft focus at the forefront of the image. (f/3.2). The volunteer helping me asked to see the back of my camera, and commented with "its a great picture but there are blurry bits at the front."  HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

I responded with I KNOW, I did it on purpose, it's artistic, isn't it? HAHAHA, still laughing about it!


The tree canopy above the trails is so lush I do have to spend time taking down the greens, blues, yellows and cyans out of the dogs fur....Probably still a little blue in his fur & his tongue!! But I think its better than the blown out, contrasty images when there is no cover.  Cloudy Tuesdays get me excited in the summer months!

Now, follow along with me to see what my new friend Kim has created! Kim and I spent 5 AMAZING days together at the recent HOD Photography retreat in Breckenridge!!   BARKography by Kim Hollis based in Charlotte NC


Until next week, 


DogShotz Photography





I love the top photo, beautiful soft bokeh.
I really like the images....I think I would have loved to see the entire dog's head in the reflection as that might have made a slightly different image - either way, great and I'm glad you're back!!!
Love these images! I also love my trusty 50mm 1.4, which is what I used, too. Definitely need to get an 85mm, though.
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