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Indianapolis, IN




Week 27

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Bokeh"

This is a "blog circle"!

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Bokeh, pronounced  “boh-keh” comes from the Japanese word “boke” (暈け/ボケ), which translates to “blur”, “haze”, or “fuzziness”. Simply put, it is that dreamy out of focus blur in an image. Bokeh is mispronounced often and in many different ways, haha!  After living in Japan for 4 years and studying the language for half that time, hearing it mispronounced, like "boo" "kay" makes me just a little crazy inside! say potato I say potahto, lets get back to our weekly theme. This is hands down my favorite style of shooting at the moment.  When I'm at the shelter I use my 50 mm lens and like to shoot with an aperture of f/2.8. I have found a few locations on the trails that produce a lovely bokeh when the light is being filtered through the trees on bright sunny summer days. Here are 4 shelter lovelies from the past 2 weeks.





I also used the same lens this week when out with Bruiser and opened it up further to f/1.4 (wide open for this lens). The skies were cloudy so while you see the dreamy background the little orbs of light are not as pronounced as on a sunny day.

And lastly, I hope you enjoy this floppy eared baby goat captured this week with very shallow DOF and lovely bokeh. I just love the soft focus with all her young pink self ❤️

I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did, now lets head over to  About A Dog Photography, St. Cloud & central MN

Until next week,


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I just love that the first four images are of shelter dogs! They are beautiful! And Bruiser, of course, is always perfect. Loved every single image. Cannot really pick a favorite.
Danyel Rogers(non-registered)
Love the first image, but Dutch's smile is pretty epic. Nicely done!
Love your variety of images, Linda! They are all stunning! My favorite is "Dutch" relaxing on the grass with the golden and green bokeh! And of course that amazing goat!!! :) How perfect!
Kathie Ono(non-registered)
Great photos.... love the goat! And I love the head tilt!
Beautiful images - I see so many different expressions with the different dogs! A great capture of bokeh and expressions.
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