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July 21, 2017  •  8 Comments

Indianapolis, IN






Week 29

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "SKY"

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This weeks theme, "Sky", needs no explanation. Since the theme was posted, I have been watching the skies at different times of the day ready to grab my camera and a dog and go! On Saturday we had the type of sky that always makes me think of the show "The Simpsons". Big white puffy clouds drifting in the wind, set against a beautiful blue sky. Honestly though, I was waiting for "the sky" of the week to present itself and sadly it never did. It has been super hot and muggy here where the air is heavy with moisture and the skies are a pale shade of nothing.  I'm really glad that I captured some shots of Teddy on Saturday since it is now the afternoon before posts go live and I'm staring out the window at a sky that has no color at all.

Short & sweet this week!

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Jodie Pholi(non-registered)
Love this picture, great sky
Lovely sky - definitely looks like the Simpsons! Great image.
That's a lovely sky! Gives me a real warm feeling of summer!
Lol- sky of the week, that's always the way isn't it! What a lovely subject and background!
That's a lovely sky! It just screams summer! I'm glad you got to go out and enjoy it. We've had weather like yours here in Pittsburgh for the past week with no end in site in terms of the heat and humidity.
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