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July 28, 2017  •  6 Comments

Indianapolis, Indiana





Week 30

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Shadow"

This is a blog circle!

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I cannot believe that it is week 30 already! 

As a photographer I am always, always looking at the light. And like most photographers I love to shoot in natural light when the sun is low in the sky and the color of light becomes almost magical. I am always commenting to my husband and daughters, "oh my gosh, just look at the beautiful light!", to which they reply, yes Mom (Linda), it's nice 🙄

It's so easy to be rushed with shelter dog photography because the dogs are always on the move and my assistants, the walkers, well, they want to walk them. For me, I have learned that it is important for me to remove the pressures I place upon myself & slow down or even stop...

  • to identify the direction of light,
  • determine if its hard light creating edges and shadows,
  • or soft light with its faded golden hues,
  • if there is opportunity to find open shade
  • or a way to filter the light somehow to lessen the hard effect cast onto a dogs fur.

There is so much to think about in a split second when a shelter dog strikes a pose for you. It has been a journey getting to this point with loads of oversights along the way. I am trying to take time to learn from each one.  I am often shy about admitting this but I am so nerdishly fascinated by the light and how it can play a part in the image. 🤓 Notice I keep saying light not shadow.  What I love most about this blog circle is the opportunity to get out of my head and think differently. This weeks theme is not light, but "Shadow".  I don't see the shadows in a positive light (pun intended). I look for ways to avoid them. So think about how refreshing it was to stop and really look at incorporating them in an image.  I didn't get creative at the shelter as I really need to make my images count. Perhaps another week I will discover an opportunity to incorporate shadows to help tell the dogs story. Instead, both images shared here were taken this week at home, taking advantage of gorgeous summer light streaming into our windows to create some interesting light and shadow patterns. 


You can almost feel the warmth of the sunlight in this first image. I like how the diagonal lines of shadow lead you to Teddy and back up to them. Keeping your eye traveling along the shadow patterns all while staying within the frame. I shot this with a 35mm f1.4 Sigma Art lens. It's brand new and I am so, so happy with it! I love how the perspective of a 35 mm can infer a story. 

"Hot dawg"

It's been so hot and humid lately that as soon as we come in from our walks Teddy goes in search of tile to cool off on! I took advantage of his placement between the shadows & grabbed my camera (which still had my 50mm on it from my shelter shoot).

I didn't actually notice until now but Ted-Bear has been lying around a lot this week, lol! 

Lets see what is lurking in the shadows with our other photographers starting with Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area

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LOVE these! I'm the same... always searching for perfect light... avoiding shadows when i can :) Great job this week! Both images are beautiful. Love Teddy's face in that second image and the shadows on the floor. Great DOF - Gorgeous!
Ooh yes! These are brilliant! They have a very dreamy feel to them. Well done
So true, what you say about shelter photography. I am taking a break from it,at the moment, but will go back in the Fall. I love the Hot Dawg image. I love the other image as well, but my eye is drawn to the great loveseat in the background! You have a wonderful model.
Lisa Browning(non-registered)
I'm not in the challenge this week and had to check out what you did, Linda, and this is wonderful. I especially love how low you got for the bottom shot and the depth of field you used. It's totally zeroed in on his expression looking at you.
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
I love how the diagonal lines lead to Teddy too. I love the look on his face in the 2nd image. :) It's sooo sweet. :)
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