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Week 36

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "DETAILS"

This is a blog circle!

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I have been absent for the last several weeks wrapping up summer stuff and working on some other projects. I missed our weekly challenges and am so happy to be back! 

This week it is all about the details.  I stayed with the dictionary definition, "the small aspects of an image corresponding to those of the subject". I do not have a macro lens but have actually been researching them lately so I am really interested to see if others have used them and what focal length works. The first "how to" book I ever picked up on photographing dogs included a 9 piece wall display of "dog parts" which I found very appealing as both a photographer and a dog owner. This portrait style is what immediately came to mind when I saw this weeks theme.  It is not as easy as you would think to photograph just "parts" when your subject is a moving target! Plus, most dogs, kind of like most humans, don't really like it when you invade their personal space. I have so many rejects this week because my composition wasn't balanced!  Here are a few of my keepers, all up close and personal with Bruiser.

sniff out opportunities

paws to enjoy life

love unconditionally

wag more, bark less

Mother nature has been wreaking havoc in our part of the world these past few weeks from raging wildfires to catastrophic hurricanes. This week eleven adoptable dogs from Houston were met plane side in Chicago and welcomed to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.  They will continue to work closely with several rescue organizations in the Houston area to determine how best they can serve the relief efforts. Every little bit helps....They are all so beautiful, I expect they will find new homes very quickly. I hope you are all staying safe!

Next up is   About A Dog Photography in St. Cloud and central Minnesota.

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Great detail images of Bruiser! Love nose captures and this one is perfect! Love the positioning of the paws - awesome! I agree with Elaine - these would look great in a trio on the wall or something similar!!!
I love your photos. I need to work more on "dog parts" photos. They are some of my favorites.
Wonderful blog and interpretation of the theme. I love the dog parts idea. I can see them all on canvas on a wall.
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