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Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project/Week4/Catchlights

January 26, 2018  •  16 Comments


Indianapolis IN




Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Catchlights"

This is a blog circle!

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Week 4 is here already and this week our global group of pet photographers are focusing on "catchlights". Catchlights are those beautiful little sparkles in the eyes caused by the reflection of the light source. Without them an animals eyes can seem flat and lifeless. Light sources vary from window light or an artificial light source such as a flash or strobe to the sun or even the big open sky. 

This week we had a mix of rain and sleet and dull grey winter skies for my shelter shoot. All our snow has melted too. Not ideal as the light is a little flat but I prefer it over full sun. I worked outside & used the big grey sky as my light source, typically positioned behind me. Always at the mercy of Mother Nature. 

Max, 5 month old pitty puppy with razor sharp teeth!


To get more light in the dogs eyes, position him/her looking upward. See how much more light is hitting Max's eyes.


Potato, 7 month old lab mix, Adorable!


Quinn, 2 year old hound mix

Returned after 24 hours, not yet available

Quinn is my current shelter crush. I don't know the details on how she ended up at the shelter except that she was pulled from another rescue. She was adopted same day she went up and was returned 24 hrs later. She is an active, playful, lovable girl and her adopters were in over their heads, likely an impulse decision based on her beauty. I too am taken with her beauty. So much so I am having an internal discussion in my head on why its not a good idea for us to adopt her right now. She needs work on her leash skills but listened well and sat on command when I asked her. With training she is likely to be the perfect dog. Sigh. Shelter crushes are hard on the psyche and there is always another one right behind my current one. She resembles the @wellettas dogs . Check them out on Insta if you don't know who I'm referring to -her feed is lovely!

Last but not least I decided to try out my new Profoto A1 studio light while Bruiser was nesting in his usual place. There is natural light from the window behind him providing backlight (still dull & dreary outside). This threw his little self into shadow. I exposed for the window light and added light with the A1 mounted directly on my camera with the dome diffuser on it. It is very similar to a speed light except the light is round so the catchlight is small and circular. (Perfect size for Bru). For the photographers reading this the settings are provided below the image. With my shutter speed so high it defaulted to HSS which was cool as that is something my speed light cannot do. I used the histogram on the back of the camera to judge exposure. Bruiser is exposed correctly however in future I think I will use the dial on the back to reduce the power or narrow the beam of light as I am not liking the brightness of the added light in comparison to the window light. Or maybe it is the different colors of the light. Regardless it is always fun to play with new toys!☺️


1/800 sec at f/2.8, ISO 200


I expect if you're here, you love dogs, SO catchlights in their eyes are icing on the cake. Hop on over to, SD to keep feasting your eyes!

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Lisa Browning(non-registered)
Look at you with the Profoto - nice choice! I love the shelter dogs this week and the beautiful portraits you give them.
Wow, you've done a wonderful job with this week's theme! Great catchlights! All the dogs are really cute - Quinn is very pretty pup - except for the colors, she looks very much like my Abby - face and body shapes (including those hound ears!) look very similar. I wonder if she showed some of her hound attributes? Abby is very much a watch dog and we are working to calm her down a bit instead of barking at everything she sees and thinks isn't ok....
Oh my goodness what adorable little faces! Beauties and great catch Lights!
Sandra mccarthy(non-registered)
I agree, Quinn is beautiful. Hopefully this wonderful image of her, helps her find her forever home.
Quinn has got my heart too! She looks adorable, so I can imaging the struggle you are having. All your images are so lovely. I wonder how you resist all those pups. But Quinn definitely could move in here. I think I’ve mentally adopted one of the dogs from your blog each week so far! Thank goodness I don’t live handy.
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