DogShotz Photography | Project 52/Week 3/Fill the Frame

Project 52/Week 3/Fill the Frame

January 19, 2018  •  13 Comments

Indianapolis Indiana






Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Fill The Frame"

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In week 3 we continue to work with composition by "filling the frame". This works well for shelter pet photography as it allows you to focus on the animal and remove distracting, unappealing items in the background like concrete and chain link. Winter scenes with their lack of color can also make the shelter look a bit dismal. Good images of puppies under 4 months of age are also a challenge as they are not permitted to be walked yet (health reasons). Close ups of puppies are a must but who's kidding who, they don't really need photos - they sell themselves as you will see.

"Dianna", 8 week old Shepherd mix

Adoption Pending ADOPTED!

"Clark", 8 week old Shepherd mix

Adoption Pending ADOPTED!

I also met this sweet lady. Her size made it easy to "fill the frame". The latest snowfall made for a complimentary background to her coloring. Sadie has not completed her evaluations yet so is listed as unavailable. However there is a couple interested in her and have been visiting the shelter regularly waiting for her status to change! It's first come first served so fingers crossed they get first dibs!


"Sadie", 5 year old Mastiff mix

"Not yet Available " Adopted!

In December the shelter launched a new website design and feature photographs show best when cropped square. I have had to adjust my shooting style to accommodate this change. Here is an example of a landscape orientation cropped to square. The resulting crop also allowed me to fill the frame.

"Polo", 3 year old Dachshund mix

"Not yet available"

This next image of Dianna also fills the frame and allows the viewer a glimpse of what its like for a puppy in a shelter. These types of images are often used to tug at your heartstrings. Nice to see both pups on their way out the door to someones happy home❤️

We are experiencing seriously cold temps and snow here in Indy. Since I wasn't sure if I would be able to get any useable images at the shelter I also had our dogs doing a little modeling.

 Teddy & Bruiser

Shelter Update: My January shelter crush "Roxana" made an appearance on a local television show on Tuesday and was adopted on Wednesday! So happy for her!! So who will be my next crush? Stay tuned as they're sure to be featured in the upcoming weeks 😏


Head over to Tara Sutherland | Boutique Pet Photography in New Zealand for more of our fill the frame theme.


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Gosh you make it hard to choose a favourite! These are all wonderful images!
Sam Adele(non-registered)
These really work! Tugging at the heartstrings is definitely right!
Courtney Bryson(non-registered)
I completely agree that close ups of shelter dogs work perfectly to get that "Adopt me" photo
Beautiful images, Linda! Love the image of Clark in the volunteer's arms. And Sadie with the "snow" face! So excited to hear about Roxana - yay!!! LOVE HER!
Sandra mccarthy(non-registered)
I really liked how you framed Polo with the person's legs.
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