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Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project/Week 5/Depth of Field

February 02, 2018  •  13 Comments

Indianapolis, Indiana


Week 5

Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project

Theme: "Depth of Field"

This is a blog circle!

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Week 5 is all about the depth of field in an image. This is the area that appears sharp or in focus within a photo. Making a photograph (versus taking one) is all about decisions. How much or how little of the image is in focus is but one decision.  Are you drawn to soft dreamy images  or do you like the entire image to be in focus? The photographer has control of this aspect and can use it to her/his advantage to make a more impactful photograph. At the shelter I always make the decision to shoot with a shallow depth of field as I want any distracting background elements to be thrown out of focus.

It was super cold here all week and the dog handlers at the shelter were not really into staying out any longer than necessary. So, Teddy and I took to our backyard to capture a series of images to demonstrate our theme. Picture me laying on the ground in 13 degree weather with winds gusting at 17mph....My neighbors likely think I am a crazy person. Look at the horizon line and notice how with each successive image the background becomes clearer and clearer.  And yes, I have scheduled his next haircut!




And... just because I couldn't possibly let a week go by without sharing my current shelter crush, here he is, shot with a shallow depth of field. (I love his freckles!!!!)

" Spot", Chihuahua mix -1 y.o., 10 lbs




Up next in our circle is Shelly Ellis, pet photographer, Studio and location, Orangevale and greater Sacramento Area

Until Next time,



Tracy Allard(non-registered)
Teddy is ADORABLE! And I'd have a crush on Spot too - I'm a total sucker for freckles!
Teddy is a perfect name for your wee dog. He looks so cuddleable (is that a word?). Absolutely beautiful images. Good luck to Spot.
The first image of Teddy is awesome. and spot is adorable to...but I think I would call him freckles!
I just adore that first image. Lovely.
Danyel Rogers(non-registered)
OMG Spot is SO darn cute. No wonder you have a crush. Maybe Teddy needs a playmate. ;)
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